Literary Research Trip: Spring 2020 

Thursday, April 2nd- Sunday, April 5th

In collaboration with the National Steinbeck Center, Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Earthbound Organic Farms, the Robinson Jeffers Tor House, and the Henry Miller Library, SYI students will engage in research and fieldwork over the course of a four-day experience. Activities include poetry workshops, lectures, tidepool work, development of literary criticism, and visual arts opportunities. In addition, SYI students will also participate in a number of recreational experiences, such as a coastal hike at Montaña de Oro near San Luis Obispo, a poetry walk at the Point Lobos Reserve in Monterey, photography sessions in Big Sur, and opportunities to mirror John Steinbeck’s locality-based writing when visiting the Pastures of Heaven in Corral de Tierra.

Greater Aims & Mission

To develop the capacity for critical and creative thought, the skills for effective written and oral communication, interpersonal collaboration, quantitative reasoning, scientific inquiry, and a global perspective. To develop qualities of curiosity, resourcefulness, persistence, and resilience – ultimately to cultivate confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

To help each SYI student see the interconnections between subjects; to cultivate a questioning attitude in order to apply and adapt learning to relevant issues and challenges.

To foster within each SYI student personal and social responsibility by developing empathy and compassion, and by embracing diversity at all levels, while cultivating moral reasoning that leads to moral action, personal leadership, and engaged citizenship.

For more information, please contact P. Barraza, Director of the Steinbeck Youth Institute, at: / (310) 383-0561