About John Steinbeck

  • Watch Pete Barraza, SYI’s director, talk about how Steinbeck’s work reflected California in John Steinbeck – Mini Biography (3:19) on biography.com

Resources from the Steinbeck Institute

Links to Steinbeck Centers

  • The Steinbeck Institute – Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities the Steinbeck Institute (“John Steinbeck, Voice of America, Voice of a Region”) was held in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013. For 2016, the institute has been renamed to more clearly reflect its mission: to explore intersections between the humanities and science; the second part of this institute considers Steinbeck as ecologist.
  • The National Steinbeck Center – The National Steinbeck Center is located in John Steinbeck’s hometown of Salinas, California, a scenic 17-mile drive from Monterey in the heart of Steinbeck Country. The Center offers three distinct visitor experiences in literature and history, agriculture, and art, as well as special events and educational programs.
  • The Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University – The only university research archive in the world dedicated solely to John Steinbeck’s life and work. The Center promotes Steinbeck’s goals of empathy and understanding by supporting education, inquiry, and the literary arts.