Spring 2020 Call For Submissions: The Hour of The Pearl

The Hour of the Pearl is the literary journal of the Steinbeck Youth Institute, dedicated to showcasing and promoting contemporary creative writing, art, and literary criticism. We publish personal essays, reflections, profiles, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, graphic stories, and visual art. Each volume of the journal explores a new focus relating to the life and works of John Steinbeck.

Concentration for Spring 2020 Issue: At the Continent’s Edge: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a geographical and imaginative city characterized by natural and unnatural conditions, a city deeply poetic, a place smoldering and blooming at the same time. Los Angeles, as David L. Ulin writes, “is another city, another kind of city, one with no single identity, no unifying center, but with many parallel centers instead.” The sorts of questions that interest us for this issue might include: What’s your L.A.? What’s going on in the folds or cracks of the city? What characterizes the strength and beauty and/or the tension and conflict of L.A.? Is L.A. a city of walls, borders, bridges, or mirrors? Who are L.A.’s heroes and heroines? In what ways is L.A. a hybrid city? What are the current artistic pulses of L.A.?  In what ways is L.A. some kind of dissonant symphony? In what ways is L.A. at the edge of a continent?

Our theme is inspired by the time Steinbeck spent living in Eagle Rock in the early thirties for a few months. Life in Eagle Rock was bohemian, raucous, and fun—a few months of revelry, a last hurrah before moving back to central California and settling in to write full-time for the next decade. Please note, however, that your work need not have any explicit connection to his.

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, April 13th, 2020

Send to: submissions@steinbeckyouthinstitute.org

Please include a brief autobiographical statement in the body of your email.

Please note that visual artists are welcome to submit works in the following mediums: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, textile, and mixed media. Please submit a high-resolution digital copy of your work that is clear and easily accessible.

For more information, please contact P. Barraza, Director of the Steinbeck Youth Institute, at: contact@steinbeckyouthinstitute.org / (310) 383-0561